5 Best Architecture Blogs to Start Your Day Off

When you have a day off or some time to catch up with the ever-changing architecture industry, it is always important to have your go-to blogs that give you updates or cool new happenings within the industry. We compiled 5 different blogs that give you a wide range of discussions and perspectives to start your day off.

1. Life of an Architect

Bob Borson, an architect from Texas with many different awards and accolades, who also happens to make Borson’s blog, Life of an Architect. If you want the latest in design, technology, education, culture and even social media, Life of an Architect is the one stop shop!

2. Biber

Biber Architects is a design-led firm consisting of a close knit and highly skilled team. Their main philosophy is that every building tells the unique story of its creators, so they also created an architecture blog on the web.

3. ArchitectureAU

ArchitectureAU covers the ever-changing skyline of buildings, as well as designs and the people that create. They are based out of Australia’s top architecture magazines. If you are interested in getting a new perspective from the other side of the world here you are!

4. designboom

designboom is one of those blogs you probably have seen somewhere as it is wildly popular, as well as independently run. In this way it can provide relatively unbiased coverage and insightful critiques of the latest in contemporary architecture. They also host interviews and promote reader entries to be connected with its community.

5. Visualizing Architecture

Visualizing Architecture was founded by Alex Hogrefe, the site provides you with various buildings, cities, and other structures from the ground up, rendering sketches and 3D illustrations alike. So it is an ideal place to get into the nitty gritty of the small details in construction design.

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