Intercambiador de Cruceros para el Puerto de La Coruña (Cruise Port of La Coruña)

Victor de Andres Martín creates a redesign of the Cruise Port in La Coruña, Spain for the Portfolio Challenge. Victor has been working in

Victor de Andres Martín submitted Intercambiador de Cruceros para el Puerto de La Coruña for the Portfolio Challenge. During his studies at Universidad de Francisco Vito, Victor worked on this as an Academic Project. His experience working on this project was the following:

I went to the site, saw it, experienced it and I enjoyed a lot the whole entire process besides the uncertainty that it involved. I learned how to deal with that successfully.

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Victor de Andres Martín used AUTOCAD, SKETCHUP, and PHOTOSHOP to create this wonderful project. He is now currently working in Dublin at O’Briain Beary Architects as an Assistant Architect, and has been working there over 3 years now. He states that Ireland was attractive, not only because of the incredible opportunity with his firm, but also because he wanted to improve his English. Eventually, he would like to experience working in the USA, and experience the differences between the professional culture in New York City versus Dublin or London or Madrid.

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If you were tasked with rethinking a Port Terminal’s design, what materials and style would you apply? Leave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Victor de Andres Martín

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