Watertown Wolves vs. Mentors

Ready, Set, Brawl!

We were at the perfect spot when we went to Watertown Municipal Arena to watch my first ever Hockey game. I have no knowledge of the game. I remember watching a Friends (TV Series) episode where Ross was hit in the nose with a puck and that is all that I know of. When we got to the arena, we bought first our tickets, drinks and food then got ourselves settled in while. When the game started, they turned off the lights and announced who will be playing. It was pretty amazing how a small town can have that much support for their home team. Most of the people are wearing either jerseys or shirts with the team they are rooting for. I was rooting for the home team because they are from the place where I currently live. After all the introduction and speech, the game started and man! Their skiing skills are amazing! I haven’t seen hockey players that close before and never been in a skating rink before. There were a lot of brawling and fights. I asked around and they said it’s part of the game and now I know why! It was intense when the players would “accidentally” hit the low wall that separates them and the audience! You can hear their fans screaming their lungs out and cheering for their team. After almost 3 hours the game ended and unfortunately our team lost but still it was a great game and they were really good!

It was a unique experience. I didn’t felt like it was that long and I really had fun! Another “firsts” that is crossed out of my bucket list being here in America. I am currently looking forward to do other snow activities while it is still Winter because I don’t know if this will be the last winter experience that I will ever have. I might as well seize the opportunity!

Gessa Abriol

Filipino Architect.


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