RE-generating Collectivity

Riccardo Zocche has been part of the Architect-US family for some time now, and he was able to find work at Studio Christian Wassmann in New York City at the end of 2019. Now he has been there for almost 2 years and is looking forward to possibly staying for a longer term with such a top notch firm.

Riccardo studied in Milan at the Politecnico de Milano and was able to travel the world while studying and working, not only in Europe, but also in Istanbul and Queensland in Australia. He has prided himself on taking on each step of his career with energy and a new perspective that is developed through trial and error.

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For Riccardo the submission of his project called RE-generating Collectivity is his first project to be judged by the community in the Architect-US Portfolio Challenge. The aim of this project was to provide the design for not only an office building, but also the garden, cafeteria, and other design aspects that provide utility to those working within the office building space. As the title suggests, his goal was not only to provide utility, but also to provide more collaborative atmospheres and spaces that lead to new ideas and stronger professional relationships.

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Images by Riccardo Zocche

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