5 Green Products You Can Incorporate Into Your Design

In our last blog we were talking about how HMC Architects integrates sustainable products into their design. Here we have compiled a list of 5 products that you can include in your design to improve the sustainability score of your design. If you are able to start with sustainable design from the get go, then you can improve the odds of your design improving the environment around it.

Sunlit Days, Silestone by Cosentino
This carbon-neutral quartz surfacing collection is made with 99% reclaimed water, 100% renewable energy, and a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials in its composition, while reducing the presence of crystalline silica. Available in five hues, the collection suits high-traffic applications, such as countertops and wall cladding. cosentino.com

Guy Welch

Coil Collection Naturals, LightArt
Inspired by the look of ceramic pottery, the shades in this 11-piece collection of pendant lights are 3D printed with 65% recycled resin from the waste of LightArt’s parent company, 3form. Each fixture is assembled with a single LED module, a PVC-free cord, and powder-coated hardware. Available in a range of sizes, five colors, 2700K to 4000K color temperatures, and a color rendering index exceeding 80 or 90. lightart.com


Wave Collection, Polywood
Each of the four Adirondack chair designs in this collection repurposes more than 1,000 single-use plastic containers into outdoor seating. When arranged together, their contoured headrests form a cresting wave. The approximately 30″-by-35″-by-33″ chairs feature continuous color and an ultraviolet-protectant. A new vintage finish evokes the character of matte-painted wood. polywood.com

Mohawk Group

GreenGirt Delta Adjustable System, Advanced Architectural Products
This adjustable wall system enables the installation of continuous insulation on building envelopes and plane deviations and eliminates thermal bridging from metal framing and through-wall fasteners. greengirt.com

Turf Design

Freeform, Turf Design
The sculptural curves of this acoustical ceiling baffle can be customized, absorbing sound as needed in a space. Made from 60% pre-consumer PET felt, the 2″-thick baffles can achieve noise reduction coefficients from 0.55 to 0.95, depending on spacing. turf.design

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