Hoboken Life

Living really close to Hoboken and actually working inside the commute has made me realize a couple of interesting things I can point out.  Although Hoboken it’s closer to Midtown Manhattan than Brooklyn, Hoboken isn’t a borough. I find that this commute has a more friendly NJ feeling than NYC – they tend towards security instead of passion, family instead of hustling. The arts scene in seems forced compared to Brooklyn. While Hoboken is a fairly young city, the mood isn’t as high-pressure and high ambition as city living. Which is a plus for me.

The level of redundancy is astounding. You can drink at a several bars. You can get 30-minute delivery from a hundred places. overall I enjoy commuting to Hoboken from Jersey City Heights every morning is a nice walk and something different to see. Over all a good american experience!

Jesus Lara


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