How a J1 Visa Architect’s hands-on experience in US helped position him to start his own studio

In the beginning of the interview with Akos, they start talking about his visa situation since he is currently on a Tourist visa and was given an interesting extension due to covid. Akos proceeds to introduce himself and states that he graduated in Budapest from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, while in his 3rd year he took semester from university, and took an Internship at Kevin Kennon Architects, which made a big impact on his view as an architect, so he decided to want to go back. Akos has an uncle in NYC who has been there for 20 years, so Akos has been visiting since he was a kid but going back as an architect was a different experience.

He has worked for a Hungarian firm for 3 years, but the current regime was not allowing for many architecture projects to happen, so he wanted to find more opportunity. In Hungary, the academic experience for architects is more hands-on and your relationship with your professor is more of a mentorship that is closer, which is different to the US where it is more abstract and unconstrained view, so Akos tries to bring back the unconstrained view to Hungary.

One of his main role models for Akos was his grandfather, but he didn’t know that he wanted to be an architect, he knew that he didn’t like how certain buildings and cars were designed. Cars and his family talking about design and what estethic is good or poor quality. When he was young he was trying to understand what it means to like something or enjoy the design of something. He doesnt like 99.9% of design that is around us, and he feels that most of what is around us is not even designed by designers. His grandfather fascinated Akos because his apartment and space was very beautiful and attractive to Akos, and it turns out his grandfather was an architect and designer too.

Akos is now going to be headed back to Hungary in September, but is afraid of leaving NYC, because it has so much and there is so much diversity, so there has to be a transition period when you go back and it must be tricky.

Learn more about Akos’s incredible story and how he was able to make the move to New York City with Reddymade.

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