How to overcome industry challenges and persevere in your architecture career (Interview)

In the beginning of the interview with Alberto, they start talking about how and when Alberto joined Architect-US, as well as what the experience was leveraging Architect-US resources and support to find his work in San Diego. He heaped praise on Architect-US for the speed at which they move and how the Program Advisor was always there to help with any questions.

Pati asked about how firms view visas and how Alberto took on their concerns when first approaching them. “He mentioned that firms would say, ‘oh wow… you have a great resume and background’, but then as soon as he would say the word “Visa”, they do not know much about J1 visas versus others, and many times they are scared of it. So you have to inform them and show them it is not that scary.” He found great success when he went with his Resume and Portfolio in hand to the firm’s offices to introduce himself, at least in the States, they appreciate you having the initiative to introduce yourself and ask about the open position.

Later on in the interview Pati asks him about the value of creating and maintaining strong relationships, both personal and professional, as they unlock some of the doors that might help you make it to a new position at another firm in the quick time that Alberto did.

Learn more about Alberto‘s incredible story and how he was able to take his love for sustainability and design and move to San Diego to work with HMC Architects.

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