Scott Brownrigg + Crown (SB+C Architecture) Selected Projects #3

Scott Brownrigg + Crown (SB+C Architecture) is the American part of the global top 100 architectural and interior design practice, Scott Brownrigg. They were more recently ranked within the UK top 10.

Scott Brownrigg + Crown is different because of their sense of responsibility to the world and to the industry. They see it as their duty to fight for the concept. Design should be the guiding force for change in their eyes. SB+C holds themselves to a higher standard, because they’re passionate people. The firm is stakeholder owned and run, which allows them to be truly representative of the architects and designers that defines their vision. Research-led and powered by collaboration, Scott Brownrigg + Crown is the place to build a career, shape an industry.

Their goal is simple: To leave the world better than they found it.

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Their Company Culture is defined as one where talent at all levels is recognized and nurtured. Flexible, agile working styles support diversity and inclusion at all levels of the business and gender balance is important to them. Diverse perspectives make for better work. All staff have access to mentoring, wide-ranging training, and development, creating a working culture and meritocracy where everyone is able to progress. This atmosphere of openness means everyone is empowered to fight for their ideas. SB+C are encouraged to listen, to explore every angle together.

As industry mentors, they collaborate with universities to clear a path for the next generation of designers. Raw talent and fresh perspectives are what keep design relevant. And so they’re proud to have worked with Blueprint for all(formerly Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust) since 2010. Through Blueprint for all they host student exhibitions and offer mentoring and paid internships for young people from diverse backgrounds to follow a career in architecture.

They keep the subject of Sustainability relevant to everyone in the business with their annual ‘Green Week’ – focusing on the impact both their designs and their operations have on carbon emissions, and how they as a business can make a positive impact.

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As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

SB+C Architecture Project

Cambridge Science Park Bio-Hub Plots 22-25

SB+C designed both buildings to sit on a landscaped podium over undercroft parking. The buildings’ mass follows the curve of the spine road and the colonnade created by recessing the entrance door along its main façade. These elements combine to heighten the focal interest and prominent position of the buildings on the site along the main road.

The building forms have been designed in such a way that the most dynamic movement has been applied to the northern façade, providing hierarchy and character to the main view.

Photos by SB+C Architecture

Singapore Data Center

Departing from the traditional data centre designs, their design incorporates timeless ‘modern box’ proportions, with a full optimisation of effective space layout design. They adopted the client’s bold brand colours to dress the building, creating a visual landmark, fitting for their first overseas home.

The six-floor facility was designed in accordance with international Tier III+ TCDD and TCCF data centre standards to offer optimal capabilities, and scalability. The centre has also received the IMDA-BCA’s Green Mark Platinum certification, the highest available.

Photos by SB+C Architecture

Arm, Peterhouse Technology Park

Our designs for the building form and cladding were inspired by the structure of silicon – the science behind integrated circuits. When an electron beam strikes crystalline silicon it produces a pattern of intersecting ‘Kikuchi’ bands. This pattern is incorporated throughout the building and every aspect of the project.

The silicon structure has been used to inform the design of every detail of the building, from the external appearance of the shading fins, through to the atrium soffits and interior design, down to the bespoke door handles.

Our design wraps the building in a delicate lattice of aluminium – diffusing the light, reducing energy loads and responding to the passage of the sun.

Photos by SB+C Architecture

Do not forget that we will be posting more work by SB+C Architecture in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more of their incredible work!! Every Friday we will be posting a new Featured Company, so join us again next week!

Scott Brownrigg + Crown Architecture

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