Jeddah Corniche Tower

Juan Camilo Garcia joins us for his first submission to the Portfolio Challenge with his project called Jeddah Corniche Tower. He worked on this project while working in Dubai and was able to add the interior design flare you see here.

Juan Camilo Garcia joined our Architect-USJob+J1 Visa Program a couple of months ago, and was able to get work in the USA at Indidesign. This is his first time submitting a project for the Portfolio Challenge, but the quality of his work is top notch and should not be missed. For his first submission he provided us with his project called Jeddah Corniche Tower.

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Juan Camilo comes from Colombia, but much of his career has been focused in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, working as an Interior Designer for firms such as The White Truffle Studio and Hirsch Bedner Associates. Now he wants to take his skills to the Los Angeles scene by joining forces with Indidesign.

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Images by Juan Camilo Garcia

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