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Check out 4 designs which address the global Pandemic

With the current global economic and health insecurity it is up to us to make the necessary adjustments for the better of society as whole. That is exactly what the design community has been going. Designers and firms all around the world have been pitching in different projects to help reduce the spread of this pandemic and prepare people for a safer and more hygienic environment. In this post we will show you 4 interesting projects which have been emerging as a result of the virus and hopefully create some sparks in your creative mind for those interested in helping the world tackle this issue. All the ingenuity from different architects and designers have rendered helpful to health care workers, sick patients, and everyone in general. So, let’s see what you think of these ideas!

1. Hands-free door opener

A Belgian manufacturing company called Materialise have come up with a hands-free door opener which is being 3d printed right now. The way it works is that instead of using your hand to turn the doorknob or level is that you use your wrist. Given that most germs are passed through touching other surfaces and then your face, designers are trying to minimize all contact with your hand. This product is supposed to be an add on to your doorknob and easy to install. That way, you will not have to disinfect your doorknob as much and won’t have to constantly be washing your hands after using one.

2. Modular system medical pods

Carlo Ratti Associati have been working the past weeks on a modular system of pods which the first has been built and installed in Northern Italy. The design concept is based on the use of shipping containers and thanks to the collaboration of Italo Rato, and engineers from Jacobs these pods are becoming a feasible reality.  This design is aimed to help improve efficiency in the construction methods of the ICU pods which are currently being built- By using the shipping containers as the shell of the pod, these containers can be set up quickly. One aspect of its design is that with careful consideration of isolation methods, hopefully more families will be able to visit those affected and being treated with the virus.


3. General purpose face masks

Foster + Partners have come up with a general-purpose mask design with the aims of making more masks accessible to the people and to help aid in the process of manufacturing. Masks which are safe and easy to manufacture than existing models already out there. According to them, these masks can be cut in less than half a minute and assembled as well in under one minute. These face visors have been created with the intention that they can be easily washed and reused and hopefully will help everyone with the fight against COVID-19.

Photo from fosterandpartners.com

4. Ventilator for affected patients

As you already may be aware, on of the issues which health workers have been dealing with during this Pandemic is the shortage of medical supplies, and mainly ventilators. Dyson, the company know for its famous vacuums and air purifiers/humidifiers, have come up with a new ventilator that will be put into production to help diminish this shortage.  The device is called CoVent.

© Dyson

Let us know if you’ve heard of other interesting ideas we could share in our blog section! It is amazing to see how the design community is coming together to help resolve this issue.



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