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Keep your head up! 4 things to look for in job descriptions

When looking through possible job opportunities it is important to know what you are looking for first! Make sure they are an opportunity that fits with your career path, not a side step! There are certain hints that can be found when looking through job listings that show signs of what kind of opportunity it entails for you.

If you are reading this article we can probably make the conjecture that you are a little frustrated from reading hundreds and hundreds of job descriptions looking for the one that best suits what you are after. So, it is important that you know what to look for so that you can spot the highlights quickly to see if that job is a match to what you want. The team at Architect-US has made this guide to help you navigate through those job posts and so how to decipher quickly to find the dream job!

1. Job Description is key

A job description has to dive into the responsibilities which will have to be performed by the employee, the purpose, and the summary of the tasks to be completed. Find the hidden details and most importantly, see if you can envision the working conditions from the text.

2. Finding important info

Finding key words within the text of the job posting is a great tool to use to give you a good indication of what the job position looks like and also what the employer is looking for in the applicant. That means that you can look for clues that will help you tailor the application to what it is that they are looking for. Do keep in mind that sometimes recruiters and managers might use special words or phrases that are ultimately the most common words used in every application. So, make sure you find those which separate from the other applications you’ve seen.

3. How to know if you should apply?

Make sure that you look at the application carefully and ask yourself if you fit the requirements you are after. By this we don’t want to limit you, because there are instances in which they will value other things that might make you a great addition to their team. The thing that you have to look out for is that if they are looking for something specific, such as a person with a certain level of proficiency in a software, or an X amount of years of experience in the field, you will want to be reasonably close to that. I wouldn’t expect to be hired to be hired as a junior for a position that says 9 years minimum working experience.

4. Room to grow

Last but not least, try to envision yourself in that company. Do you see a future there? Is there room for you to grow at the company? If advancement is not explained in the job description, you can use the job tittle as a guide. That way you can see the level which you are applying to. You have to determine things like fitting into the company culture to determine if you really want the job.

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