Junior Architect Position at Wheeler Kearns Architects in Chicago!

Wheeler Kearns is a collective practice of architects. They work with people who seek to enrich their lives in spaces that embody their purpose, energy and vision.
Their design process requires an uncommon level of attention, curiosity, devotion. Their clients use the word “partner” to describe them as often as “architect.” And they are proud of that. It reflects their belief that along with a lofty vision, sometimes you also need someone willing to tackle the mundane.
One mind focused on solving your problem is good; many are better. They use their unusual structure as a “collective practice of architects” to solicit multiple ideas from a team in the early stages of the design process. It offers you a wider spectrum of possibility. And that can lead to solutions that nobody anticipated, like transforming a shuttered lumberyard into a model, 21st-century school. Or discovering that the 70-foot tower of an abandoned food-manufacturing plant really can be a viable and exciting performance space. Always, they seek to open doors to new ideas about how you can live into your aspiration.

Please check out their work, team, location and everything else below and let us know if we should recommend to you!

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Offer details:

: Junior Architect
Company: Wheeler Kearns Architects⚠️ REMEMBER! This position is open ONLY to Architect-US Members. If you want to be considered for this position, please register in our Job+J1 Visa Program and upload your CV and Portfolio so the Selection Committee can assess your eligibility.
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Salary: Commensurate with experience
Length of the Program: 12-18 months


  • 0-5 Years of Experience
  • Passion to work with clients on their vision
  • Interest in working all phases of a project
  • Creative problem-solving skills and a detail-oriented disposition
  • Experience with 3D computer modeling in Rhino and Revit
  • Proficiency in 2D drafting in AutoCAD

If you are selected for an interview, make sure to be ready for these questions. As they will ask them to learn more about who you are.

  • Why are you interested in this opportunity?
  • What’s an accomplishment you’re most proud of?
  • What is your highest aspiration in the field? Describe your ideal position.
[ Please let us know in the comments what your personal answer to the last question is, and help us grow the community and promote conversation that leads to career progress for all!👇👇👇 We answer yours questions below too! ]

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful portfolio! 🙂



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