Student Hub: Designing Spaces for Collaboration

The role of architecture in society is changing as we learn to adapt to new circumstances. A lack of interest and proper funding in critical social issues is a problem that must be addressed. One of our rising stars in the Job+J1 Visa Program, Diana Ghervas, created the Student Hub to promote hybrid spaces with public and private spaces for collaboration and learning. Ghervas views architecture as a profession that holds such high responsibility within our communities.

The role of Architects and Designers in shaping the way communities interact in public spaces has always been a crucial bridge between different actors within society. Our ancestors built systems and functions around us to facilitate collaboration. Public spaces are not the only areas that communities interact within. In some cases a hybrid space between public and private can create positive environments for students to work together and create new ideas. These hybrid environments help to foster connections and communication and in many ways it becomes the stage for our culture. More efforts should be made to test  new ideas when it comes to academic communities and the spaces created with each profession’s needs in mind.

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A star from our Job+J1 VISA Program Pool of Talents, Diana Ghervas, created the Student Hub as the next step for her transition from the study of a simple program to a much more complex and interesting one. The project was based on the study of how architecture can be not only for individual people but also can contribute to the formation of communities. The project represents the way how the presence and organization of public and private spaces can coexist together and have a major impact on people and social relations between them.

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Ghervas used Autocad, Sketchup, and Adobe Photoshop to create this beautiful hybrid space for students at her university. The Student Hub was a final project for her 3-rd year at the University of Architecture and Urbanism ‘Ion Mincu’ in BucharestGhervas recently joined the Architect-US family, and she looks forward to working with us to help her find the next step in her Architecture career.

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Images by Diana Ghervas

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