Casa Mayahuel

Víctor Gerardo González, a Mexican Architect that is running his own firm called VGM Arquitectos, has submitted a project of his called Casa Mayahuel for the Portfolio Challenge.

Víctor Gerardo González, a Mexican Architect with 5 year experience, who has worked on projects all over the world. He graduated with Architectural Honors in Excellence 2019 at UAA. Victor presented Casa Mayahuel as his project for the Portfolio Challenge. The project in his eyes is a …»Reflection on architecture from the landscape of America, in the cultural context of Mexico and more specifically in the agave landscape from which products of universal fame are made who have identified Mexico with these since times rowing.»

The project is full of symbolism, the space make sense only with the presence of those who inhabit it and the natural context that surrounds it.

Victor is always seeking to improve my knowledge. He likes challenges and new experiences, and has mastered a variety of computer softwares throughout his 5 year career. For Casa Mayahuel, he used AUTOCAD, SKETCHUP, 3DS MAX, and ILLUSTRATOR.

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Victor is now working on his own firm called VGM Arquitectos in Mexico, as well as a part-time Professor at Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City.

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Images by Víctor Gerardo González

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