Central Park, as its name says is located in the central part of the island of Manhattan. The idea of this park is not only how big it is, but the capacity it has to transport you from the most cementitious sidewalks of Manhattan to the middle of the forest.
The idea of this park is that in a few minutes you will be transported to another environment, another world, and another place where you only feel nature.
You can do everything, from the simplest thing it is to walk to picnics, run by boat, go by bike, there are free and beneficial concerts when you start a new station in the city.
One of my favorite things is to sit with a coffee on a bench near a lake at the height of 72, where people take their own boat and drive it as if it were a portable race car. Just sitting down you get distracted. You can observe from couples, people with their dogs, families, tourists, or grandparents with a car where they take their cat or dog. Listening to music while watching people on their walks and conversations drinking coffee is one of the most basic, simple and distracting things you can do in Central Park.
One of the plans I made and that I loved was to go to the fake castle that opened this July 2019. The idea is to represent a medieval castle, it has thousands of stairs and the basic characteristics of it is a medieval castle except that it is very very false. From the highest tower, you can experience the best views of central park.
Many times I go with a group of friends to an area of ​​Central Park where there are swings for adults, so you feel 10 years old again. There you swing, do sports and enjoy a good atmosphere with your friends while you are enjoying nature.
It is worth noting the number of beneficial concerts that are held in this park. Recently I went to one in which the entrance only cost 2 dollars, and there was an eternal queue. This made all Manhattan make the necessary queue for this event as groups such as Queen, Alicia keys, and One Republic participated.

Marta Barcia

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