Lockdown matters

Despite the unfortunate situation that has led us to lockdown, I think it is appropriate to always try to be positive and appreciate those little things that we have discovered thanks to this strange situation.
In my case, working from home has given me several advantages. Starting with the mornings, because I had the office at the foot of my bed, I have been able to rest a bit more every day, and save time and money on the journey to and from the office.
I took advantage of this extra time in many ways, starting with thinking about how I would spend it. Seeing that TV-Show that you had on your list for months, finishing reading a book, signing up for online courses, learning how to cut your hair… I had time to learn new things and even to discover that those things that I thought I was interested in, in the end, were not so attractive to me.
It has also helped to value many things that I was not aware of before, because normally until you lose it, you do not value it. Going for a walk, going out with friends, going to a restaurant, museums… even the way of shopping has changed! But the good thing is that not only I learn to value, but also to adapt, and thanks to this, improve.
Interestingly, the lockdown has also made things that previously seemed separate or different, become more similar. In this way, home and office became the same space, or your hometown friends were suddenly “at the same distance” as your local friends.
So despite not being able to go out, socializing, after failed haircuts, half-assed courses, long lines to buy a couple of things, glasses fogged up because of the mask… you learn from every situation and you can get something positive out of it, and it wasn’t going to be less in this case!

Carlos Gómez


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