“Settling in The City”

What an exciting month has been!

Arriving in The City

I arrived in New York City last November 21st, and I still can feel the big mix of feelings I felt that day; from the bittersweet moment of saying goodbye to my family and friends at the Madrid airport, to the excitement of the whole flight knowing I was going to land in my favourite city to start a new chapter of my life. Landing that night in the JFK was something I would never ever ever forget.

The next morning when I woke up (really early;  thanks dear Jet Lag), I was literally in cloud nine. My first walk along Fifth Ave was with goosebumps all over my body. Little by little I´ve been getting used to walk surrounded by all these high and beautiful skyscrapers.

Starting work

And of course, I started working in Nelligan White Architects last December 1st, so it´s been a month already!! Time really flies. People have been so welcoming, we even had our first Holiday Party, which was great. I feel I am going to learn so much from this experience, everything is so different from Spain, therefore, I hope to grow a lot both, professionally and personally, because after all, I might be here for work, but it is indeed an incredible life experience!!

The most wonderful time of the year

I already got to experience my first Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Santacon… Everything we´ve seen in our favorite films and series! It´s crazy living it in person. And of course, spending Christmas here it´s something else, the Christmas spirit is something American people live very deep and everywhere. Everything is so beautiful; visiting the Rockefeller Center Tree is breathtaking, the Christmas lightning in Saks and Macy´s, listening to Christmas carols everywhere you go… Totally feels like a Christmas movie!

I am so excited to also receive here the New Year, I´ll be eating the 12 grapes with my family (over Facetime) and then of course experience the countdown of the Times Square´s Ball Drop.

See you next month with many many more experiences to tell! Happy New Year!!

María Diez


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