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Alborouj Cultural Hub

The Alborouj Cultural HUB in Cairo, Egypt is a contest on a cultural space for the people of Cairo. One of our top-talents worked with other architects to create mock ups and ideas for the cultural hub competition.

Juan David Fawcett created this theater and cultural hub for the contest Alborouj Cultural Hub and submitted it to the Portfolio Challenge. Fawcett has been working in the USA as an Associate CAD Designer at Marin Architects since the beginning of 2019. He is excited to be chasing his Career Dreams and working with such talented architects and designers in New York City!! He joined the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program family in 2018.

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This contest is based on generating equipment and a mall that connect an existing mosque. The contest belongs to a container company, so it must include them within the project. The idea is that between the equipment and the mosque, along the avenue, a development of buildings is generated that have services for the inhabitants. The office focused on several essential characteristics of the Egyptians to develop the project. These are the dunes, the patterns, the colors, and the ancient culture (pharaohs). They work on the plants and collage for this contest.

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Work done together with: Benedetta Tagliabue, Marzia Faranda (director), Nazaret Busto, Ricardo Radica, Misa Krizakova, Carmine A. Rago and Flavia.

Fawcett used Rhino, Sketch Up, and AutoCAD to create this beautiful cultural hub!!

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Images by Juan David Fawcett and company

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