Helicopter point of view of Manhattan island in New York City.


It all started when, in June 2022, I was awarded the Arquia scholarship, which allows young architects to gain experience in different studios around the world and gave me the amazing opportunity to join MQ Architecture, a small “design-build” practice in New York City focused on high-end projects. Thanks to both, Architect-Us and Fundación Arquia, I will be soon beginning my 18-month adventure as a trainee and discovering the city that never sleeps. I cannot imagine a better place than New York, the world capital of architecture and contemporary art, to learn and gain professional experience, and of course to enjoy cultural events in such a dynamic and culturally rich city.

I have always thought that traveling and living in other places opens new horizons and enriches our vision of architecture and the world in general, and I think this program in particular provides an exceptional opportunity to combine professional experience, learning, and cultural exchange. But I have to admit that when Fundación Arquia called me to tell me that I had won the scholarship, at first, I was both excited and a little scared because it is always a big challenge to get out of your comfort zone, although I had already lived abroad during my career. It was after my interview with Miguel Quismondo, the founder of the studio, when I realized that MQ was my place and this, together with the fact that Architect-US began to guide me in the process, made me feel calm and full of enthusiasm.

From the first steps of the process, when I started all the paperwork, to the last steps when last week I attended my appointment at the US embassy to obtain the J1 Visa (which I will receive in the mail in a couple of days), I have been always oriented and advised by Sonia with kindness and quick answers to all my doubts. And now I can’t believe that as I write this first post, I’m finally starting to pack because in a little over a week I’m flying to NYC and ready to start my American dream!

I am eager to go through the different phases of my training plan, starting from the schematic design of a project to its constructive definition and coordination with professionals from other disciplines, something extremely valuable for my professional future. What I expect from this adventure is to grow personally and professionally, to learn, to enhance my English skills, to expand my understanding of the world, to become part of an international network, and last but not least, to enjoy the experience to the fullest!

I will be reporting how this adventure is going in the next posts!!!!

Gloria Saá


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