The Portfolio Challenge Winner For July is……

Who is the winner for the second month of the Architect-US Portfolio Exposition!? Find out and learn about all the other incredible projects that were posted on all of our platforms this month!

As we arrive to the end of July, we are finishing up our second month of the Architect-US Portfolio Challenge, and it has been a rewarding experience to showcase the incredible work of our top-notch talent here at Architect-US

We have posted the work of 9 different artists during this month across all of our platforms, but in order to win the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month, the talent’s work must have garnered the most likes on Instagram. So without further a do… the winner for the month of July is…. Yi Jun Aston !!!! Aston‘s submitted project, The Hive @ Sydney, Australia got 256 likes on Instagram over the month of July! Smashing our previous record of 106 likes last month!

Aston recently graduated from University of Hartford for their Masters in Architecture, and has been working at Marin Architects in New York City since 2018. Aston stated that “The entire architecture is structurally designed in a modular grid system to control the cost of built of every unit. With the characteristic of having a grid system, the housing are built vertically up with minimal land used and the units are extended horizontally on upper levels.” Aston created this project originally as a submission to the International Architecture Competition – Beebreeders.

If you are interested in seeing the beautiful project that Aston created, then please scroll down to the bottom to find the varying design schemes and layouts.

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Thank you to all of the other architects and designers that submitted their work and were presented on our platforms during the month of July! We want to give all of them a shout out and highlight their projects! 🙂

In second place was Diego Córdova‘s Community & Agricultural Center with 186 likes on Instagram. Córdova finished his Bachelors degree in Architecture from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in 2019. He aimed to reinterpret the Green Houses used to create food for the community in Yaraqui. The planning allows for the crops to avoid steep inclines and try to incorporate the community into the growth process for their own food.

In third place was Andrés Conejero Conesa‘s Auroville Urban Axis, Urban Densification and Architectural Strategies in Southeastern India with 172 likes on Instagram. Conesa got the opportunity to travel to India to work with Anupama Kundoo Architectswhile fulfilling his requirements for his Master of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Conesa graduated from ETSAM in 2019 and is now chasing his dreams in Los Angeles with Morphosis!

In fourth place was Ines Gulbenkian’POLYMONOPOLY with 168 likes on Instagram. Gulbenkian finished her Masters in Architecture from the Royal College of Art in 2018. Gulbenkian stated that,”This project focuses on the impacts of tourism on the social fabric of the city by trying to understand the manifestation and consequences of tourism and the ways it affects urban and social landscapes.”

In fifth place was Enrique de Pablo Nuevo‘s Madrid Art Lab with 134 likes on Instagram. Nuevo went to Universidad CEU San Pablo  and asked himself the following question when creating this project: how do we remain artists as we grow up? ​Pablo Nuevo views the Art Lab as a training and fabrication art center for children where boys and girls can develop their creativity in a family environment. He is now looking to make the move to the US to push his career even further along! 🙂

In sixth place was Javier Martin de la Fuente‘s Growing Curiosity with 132 likes on Instagram. Fuente set three principles as their core concept: Curiosity, Creativity and Interhuman Connection.  Fuente went to The University of Technology Sydney and he worked along with Jan-Niklas Klein to create this beautiful work. Now, Fuentes is working at SHoP Architects in New York City chasing his Career Dreams!

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In seventh place was Marina Vidal Tejedor‘s Retire for Buddhist with 113 likes on Instagram. Vidal Tejedor created a space in which buddhist monks are able to live and connect with their spirituality. Buddhism is a way of life more than a religious establishment, thus the practice of buddhism is crucial to its survival. Vidal Tejedor went to the Polytechnic Institute of Madrid and graduated with a degree in Architecture.

In eighth place was Dariya Cheremisina‘s MAUNSELL SEA FORTS with 110 likes on Instagram. Cheremisina was working on this project as part of her studies at Architectural Association School of architecture, second year, bachelor. Cheremisina seeks to highlight the beauty of the Maunsel sea forts in Whitstable.

In ninth place was Maria da Silva Menezes Reis’Roman Museum in Alcácer do Sal with 71 likes on Instagram. Alcácer do Sal is on the Alentejo coast, which is south of Setúbal district. The city grew from the center out towards the river due to the economic benefits, but later on the city saw a slow decentralization outside of the city walls. Menezes Reis emphasized that the project intends to reflect on the relation that architecture establishes with its past.

What project was your favorite for this month and why? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Yi Jun Aston

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