View of the sunset in St. Lawrence River from Clayton Riverwalk in Clayton, New York

The End Is Near

…and that went by so fast, my training program is close to a end. In less than 4 months, I will have to bid goodbye to my life here in America. The past 14 months have been the best so far. Although the end of my internship is still 4 months away, I can’t still think how the past few months have gone by so quickly. It felt like I just arrived here and now I am counting the days to going back home. I can still remember the day I filed for an application for the J1 Visa, how Architect-US have helped me throughout the process, my visa interview that was kind of nerve wracking but it turned out great as I got an approval from the consul, the long travel and the feeling of setting my foot for the first time in the US soil is kind of surreal until now.

The experiences I had here are the ones I would treasure and remember for the rest of  my life. I’ve been blessed to be in a company where work doesn’t feel like work and the people in it became a family. The first few months was a struggle for me honestly. I moved 8000+ miles away from home – the culture, weather and environment are different. It really did felt like I needed to start all over again – clean slate. But overall, going back and realizing how far everything have changed, it just amazes me how things have worked out perfectly – and I owe it all to Him, my Lord and Savior. This chapter of my life may come to an end but I believe that there will be another opportunity for me somewhere. All the things that I have learned and will be learning for the last 4 months will help me get to where I am meant to be.

Gessa Abriol

Filipino Architect.

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