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Dariya Cheremisina takes you back to early May when she went to Whitstable to see Maunsel sea forts. She states that people should value these abandoned creatures in the middle of clear water horizon line. The experience was part of her studies at Architectural Association School of architecture, and shaped part of her vision going forward.

Dariya Cheremisina takes the reader back to a moment in time that inspired her to make these beautiful renders and tries to paint a picture. The experience was part of her studies at Architectural Association School of architecture, second year, bachelor. Now Cheremisina is in London as a RIBA Part 1 Architecture Assistant. She is an impressive architect in our Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program that is working towards an experience in the USA.

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Cheremisina said, “It was early May when I went to Whitstable to see Maunsel sea forts. It was chilly morning and captain Steve was making last preparations on his ship Gretta. We talked about life on the sea, life on the towers, how people value these abandoned creatures in the middle of clear water horizon line. Sail and wooden floor, burning sun and fresh breeze from Northern sea. Everything became a part of the moment when I first saw the forts. Beautiful moment.”

Dariya Cheremisina used Rhino, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema4d, and Sketch Up to create these dynamic renders.

What structure would you build near the shore? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Dariya Cheremisina

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