The Columbus Tower

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This month I want to talk to you about one of my favorite buildings in San Francisco, The Columbus Tower. Every time I pass by it, I have to stop for a few minutes, not only because of its architecture, but because of the contrast with the more modern Downtown San Francisco’s buildings on its background.

It is located on a strategic point of the city, it is bounded by Columbus Avenue, Kearny and Jackson Street, straddling three different districts of SF: North Beach, Chinatown, and Financial district.

Designed by the Architects Salfield & Kohlberg, it was initially called The Sentinel Building. It is a flatiron building clad in white tile and copper-green. Its steel framing survived the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 but this only delayed the construction a bit longer than expected.

After different tenants the building was bought in 1972 by the film director Francis Ford Coppola! It became the headquarters of the film studio he co-founded with George Lucas, American Zoetrope. He added a screening room in the basement and opened the famous Cafe Zoetrope.

One cool thing about this building, is that you can become -for free- a member of the American Zoetrope! So, you can read, review screenplays, poems, novels, short stories, and photographs. They also host contests for screenplays and films, several of which are even judged by Coppola himself!

This building is also super instagramable, so it’s always a cool picture for your Instagram haha

PS: Once you are in the neighborhood, if you are hungry, don’t miss the Golden Boy pizza, it will probably have a long line, but I think it’s worth the wait.

Alejandro Alonso

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