COVID-19 and Remote work

As those of you know that the world has been standing out the super difficult situation now by COVID-19 virus affecting all of the world and a bunch of people. This virus first occurred in China, then it was spread out all over the world and the speed was extremely fast. The influence of the virus is getting larger day by day.

According to the above, the workflow for office workers are getting changed to being a remote style that works everything from their home. Everybody set up a meeting in a virtual world with sharing PC screens and debating to each other. Now, I feel that IT technology is necessary to head on this situation. If it was not developed like now, the economy would be completely shut down. But , at the same time,  it happens that we are facing the global economic crisis in the world. Particularly, New York City is the worst in the world. The City has been lockdown, and many employees were laid off from the company. Additionally, we can not see when this situation end, but this is what it is so that everybody has to do our best for it.

The victims are also increased every day, in particular, there are already full of the bed for patients and all medical equipments are also getting not enough to save lives. I am guessing that the medical field is obviously tough conditions. However, all of the doctors, nurses and medical staff are actually doing their best to save many lives despite this difficult condition.

Finally, I feel that everybody has to do support each other to end up in this situation.

Stay home !! Wash your hands !! Stay positive as much as possible !!  We can get through !! We can do it !!

Please be safe and healthy.


Toshinosuke Matsuki

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