Just five days to go! I can’t believe that after almost year and a half of waiting the day to start my journey is right by the corner. It was a long process due to the Trumps proclamation about the visas and everything going on with the Covid-19 pandemic but I’m happy that the time finally arrived. I did all the paperwork needed to present myself to the Embassy appointment with the guidance of Sonia and Pablo, they were extremly patience with my process and the difficulties presented because of the pandemic. thank you very much for your guidance. The appointment with the Consul was quick and to  the point. Some questions that he asked was: what was the purpose of my trip? when did I graduate? from which University did I graduate? If I have my trainning plan (I handed it to him and he briefly looked at it) and after that he gave me the good news, my visa was aproved!

I’m exciting to learn how the architecture field works and how is handle in USA and to experience whatever this cultural exchange brings me! I’ll do and try my best during this year and offer my 100% to the company that has been waiting for my arrival all this time. I can’t deny that I am a little nervous about the tasks that I’m going to be working on. I really hope to do my best but I guess that this butterflyes will go away the day that I’ll start the intership and realize that I have all the aptitudes to achived those tasks.

And I can’t finished this post without being honest, I’ve been dreaming with living in Miami for so long that I don’t believe that i’m going to be there for a whole year!

I’ll keep you update during this journey!! 

Laura Velasco


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