Manarda-51: A Look into Sustainable Living in Western Siberia

Manarda-51 is an accommodation that is dictated by the need of the population of western Siberia to have a healthy nutrition source nearby. Artur Machmutov, one of our great talents at Architect-US, sought to create a town that had a sustainable source of healthy nutrients for its citizenry, and he develops this stunning layout of buildings and services. Machmutov emphasized the value that a crop research and production complex, customized to the local light climate, provides to the accommodation he designed. Taking on our local community’s health and human development concerns should be the first step in a move towards sustainability.


As the global population further crowds into denser pockets of urban development, environmental sustainability becomes a key concern. Architects and designers from around the globe are seeking to address these concerns on a local scale before taking it global. New plans and ideas strive to prove their utility in an ever-changing environment (take the impact of COVID-19 for example), and these case studies can help to guide us towards a sustainable future.

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One of our great talents at Architect-US, Artur Machmutov,  created Manarda-51 as an accommodation that is dictated by the need of the population of western Siberia to have a healthy nutrition source nearby. A crop research and production complex in the city of Tyumen has been developed taking into account the local light climate. The experimental vertical frame has movable floors, the position of which varies with the time of the year, and the form is designed to catch solar energy flows. Calculation with the application of the scenario language of programming in the «grasshopper» program and the selection of the glazing of the tower, allowed to formulate recommendations for additional lighting and density of planting depending on the season and plant variety in order to obtain maximum productivity. He also has used Revit, 3dsMax, Photoshop, Rhino, Autocad, and InDesign in his other works. Machmutov created this beautiful plan for a sustainable accommodation for his Final Thesis work to receive his Master of Architecture at KSUAE.

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Cities must take on the community’s health and human development concerns with more creativity and testing of ideas. Considering one of the key benefits of urban development is the ease of innovating and collaborating, there should be a larger value placed on local, sustainable projects getting funded. Machmutov highlighted how a crop research and production complex that is customized to the local light climate can provide a healthy working environment conducive to new solutions.

Architecture is the best venue to try and solve key problems that society faces when it comes to racism, inequality, food deserts, etc. An Architect’s planning and decision-making is informed by their perception of the world, and the problems that they see as most urgent. Thus, it is always important to promote creativity and problem-solving when it comes to the way that our shared spaces are shaped and defined.

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Images by Artur Machmutov

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