BASEBALL SEASON ——-> Please join me on a Saturday morning: LET’S GO A’s!

So what do you know about baseball? Strike one, strike two, home run? It is amazing! Compulsary stop for a J1 trainee!

In San Francisco there are two main teams: The SF Giants and the Oaklands Athletics, both of them have been doing great seasons lately and people are crazy about them! I can also want to say that the basketball team Golden State Warriors won the playoffs against Cleveland Cavaliers so we have a loooooot to celebrate! San Francisco rocks!

I went to see this game: A’s vs. Red Sox, exciting motivating new… and we won! It is a new experience, a sport that we don’t know much about it. Don’t you like this sport? Not an excuse! It is a a great plan for a weekend, sitting on the sun, having some beers, meet new people, dance on the stadium camera… just enjoy!

Don’t miss the opportunity to go, it is so American that you feel you can sing the Anthem along with all the fans! Next post? AMERICAN FOOTBALL: Stanford vs. Berkeley! Let’s go CAL’s!

Carmela Hera


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