Having a clear comprehension of the meaning of a sustainable environment, people, and how each other interacts are the pillars to design spaces to promote healthy living. I’ve realized that each design project is fundamental to adapting the cities through a constant globalized change. It is our responsibility to be aware of the challenges that we are facing as a society to propose design solutions that have as objective the well-being of people indistinctly of our differences between each other as disabilities, religion, genre, and any other.

A few months ago, I started a new chapter in my professional career in NYC that has as an objective for me to acquire knowledge about the proper practice of architecture in the US and bring it to my home country. If I had to describe the design process during this experience in the US, I would describe it in one word «functional.» Every detail and spaces’ requirements were already thought, and they are open to being adaptable by constant participation of the department of states responsible. Having all these guidelines clear, let us to the architects propose functional solutions according to each individual’s needs that will use this space regardless of their work or disabilities.

Today I feel grateful to share an idea that I want to share with each of you who is looking for an opportunity, and it is «you are special.» Find what you like in your career; if it is Architecture, there are many fields such as urban planning, interior design, architecture design, and others. At the same time, try to pursue opportunities that help you promote all these professional aspects that make you unique and provide high quality in your projects that let others live better today where your tasks will be built. I encourage you to look for opportunities and keep reminding you how special you are.

Moisés Arauz


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