Good moments to be remembered


During these difficult times, it’s necessary to take care of ourselves and always hope for the best.

Two weeks ago, I received the information that my internship was discontinued due to this whole coronavirus context. I had only one month of internship when my host company figured out it would be very tough to keep their new interns working from home for such a long time. This way, I had to come back to Brazil to stay alongside my family. Though I felt very bad when I got the message from GMS, I’m sure I have a lot of good moments to remember.

The picture you see above has been taken when my two friends and I were having a delicious lunch at Olive Garden. We’d decided to go there to celebrate that we’d got a great apartment for us to share during our stay in New York City. We’ve had such a great time there and I hope we can repeat it as soon as this crisis ends. I remember that that was the day I went to a lot of famous touristic destinations in the city, such as the One World Trade Center Memorial and Times Square. These were such great moments and I truly believe they’re the ones that will be kept in memory for good despite this tough period we’re all going through.

I’m quite sure I’m not alone on that. This is happening to a lot of interns all over the world and It’s really a shame. However, the most important thing to do right now is to stay quarantined and focus on ourselves. This is the time to learn a new language and attend some good online courses that are being available for free only during this crisis.

It was nice to know NYC in person and to have this little experience in an American structural engineering office. I hope we all can find a way to either resume our internship or get even better in the future.


Danilo Ebbinghaus


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