Visiting the Exploratorium of San Francisco

I went to the Exploratorium of San Francisco, a very sciency museum packed with amazing hands-on exhibits that explain many scientific concepts in creative and fun displays, and you should too!

Ever since I set foot in San Francisco for the first time, I’ve wanted to go to the Exploratorium, one of the most famous museums in San Francisco.

The Exploratorium is known worldwide for its inventive, very hands-on, experimental displays that showcase and demonstrate all sorts of interesting scientific phenomena. In fact, this museum has become such a referent, that it’s common to see replicas of its displays in all sorts of museums around the world.

All these experimental stations are organized around sensorial experiences: some areas explore the physics related to sound, some the way light works, others the interaction of liquids with waves, etc. Whether you’re looking to spend some hours going back to being a kid, or you’re actually interested in expanding your knowledge of science, these displays won’t disappoint.

In the center of the museum you can find the shop; the actual atelier where they design and manually craft the exhibits. It looks chaotic from the outside, but at the same time it revealed how much fun the workers and inventors that work in it must have. If only I could spend all day making science real-sized toys!

A ticket for an adult costs around 30 dollars, which is not an unreasonable price for all the fun and discovery you get when you enter. There’s easily enough material in this museum to walk around for several hours, and I can’t say this about a lot of museums. However, I’ll let you in on a trick! If you apply for the free library card at the public library of San Francisco, you can unlock two free tickets to the Exploratorium (as well as to many other museums and activities around the city), so it’s definitely something I would recommend to anybody doing an internship in San Francisco.

Now you have no excuse – go see for yourself. I hope you enjoy the Exploratorium as much as I did!

Alexandru Boboc

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