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The tragic accident has happened in the last month which we lost the greatest player in NBA history “Koby Bryant”, he is well known as a global icon who Koby won five NBA championships, was an 18-time All-star, a 15-time member of the All-star Team, a 12-time member of the All-defensive Team was named the 2008 NBA MVP and was a two-time NBA Final MVP winner. He played 20 years as a shooting guard at the Los Angels Lakers for his entire carrier and his bunch of elegant, strong and beautiful plays gives not only basketball fans but also people in all of the worlds for many encourage and hope.

When I was playing basketball, I actually had imitated his play and style a bunch of times. In particular that I watched and practiced repeatedly with my teammates so that his three-point shoot was so beautiful and accurate. Furthermore, Koby’s passion to play it and win for the team affected me in order to grow up one of the players at that moment. Therefore, I couldn’t forget about him forever.

I went to watch NBA game in New York on this day coincidently, there was a memorial ceremony which was a silent prayer for 24 seconds in tribute to his number #24. In addition, there were many posts from the NBA’s star player on the SNS.  Lebron James is one of them to post emotional tribute after his untimely death.

As you know that some of the sports are exactly popular in the USA in particular that nobody is getting close to each other through sports. I felt again sport is one of the fabulous languages. So I would like to design the basketball arena someday as an architectural designer to share a wonderful experience with all.

Finally, I would like to say RIP to Koby and Gig. I love you guys. #24 #2

Toshinosuke Matsuki

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