The Hamptons – weekend getaway

My parents spent around one month traveling throughout the States and they stayed in New York City for around two weeks. Even though I was working full time, we still managed to do a lot go fun stuff after work and on the weekends!

One of the weekends that they were here we rented a car and went to The Hamptons, specifically to Montauk, which is the most eastern tip of the New York State. I guess this area is very well known not only because of its famous beaches but because of all the series and movies it has appeared in! So, all of us wanted to go there and check it out.

On Friday we drove all the way to Montauk from New York, the traffic getting out of the city was insane! It took us like 3 hours and a half to get there, and as soon as we arrived we went to the beach. The sea breeze was truly invigorating after all these months in a city full of concrete and skyscrapers! We then went for dinner and came back to our hotel. On Saturday, we felt like we wanted to wander through nature a little bit and we went to one of the six State Parks that Montauk has. After an approximately 3h hike (and lots of mosquito bites!), we arrived to a really long and empty beach. It was an amazing experience because we had the beach all to ourselves. Usually, all the beaches in that area are privatized by hotels, lodging or home owners, so arriving to a public beach, so wild and empty was beautiful. After that we went to Ruschmeyer’s which is a really nice restaurant/bar where we had some bites and talked a lot! It had some beautifully lit up trees.

On Sunday we spent the morning at the beach, soaking up the last rays of sun and then we went for brunch to The Surf Lodge, which is actually a hotel and restaurant with amazing food. It is right next to Ruschmeyer’s and by a small lake. It is a really nice spot with very cool vibes and would definitely recommend it! On our way back to the city we stopped by Sag Harbour (nicest little town in The Hamptons, in my opinion), and by Southampton, which would be one of the biggest towns there, I would say.

It was very worthy to get away for the weekend to a beachy place after being for so many months in New York, it was really cool!

Arantza Ardanza

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