The wait is over – NYC here I come!

Once you set your eyes on living the dream in a place like New York City, the moving date can’t come fast enough. Thanks to Architect-US, it came as fast as it possibly could.

My name is Akos Orban, I’m moving to New York City this weekend from my hometown, Budapest, Hungary. I’ve graduated architecture college in 2017 and I’ve been working as an architect & interior designer since.

Over the years, I had the chance to visit New York City several times, and it became my personal heaven. After my girlfriend has also spent a semester there studying and fell in love immediately with the place, we’ve decided that we have to go back for a longer period as soon as we can.

She took the first step by winning the Fulbright Scholarship to study Art History at CUNY Hunter College with a J1 visa, so I had to follow and find an architecture company that would hire me for a J1 Trainee program. The job hunting process was longer and harder than expected, but once I got the offer – which was on the night of my girlfriend’s farewell party -, Architect-US made sure for everything to go as smooth as possible regarding the visa procedure. From there, everything was pretty straightforward, and I just got my visa only after 2 days of the successful and stress-free interview.
It seems the waiting is finally over, so I only have a few things left to do: pack my stuff, buy the flight ticket, get on the plane and start the dreamy new chapter of my life.

As far as I’m concerned, this whole procedure would’ve been a nightmare if it wasn’t for Architect-US. With their constant help and assistance, the painful and complicated part of the process was painless and simple.

I’m on my way!

Ákos Orbán

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