Looking for an apartment in New York is not only one of the first concerns when you finally decide to move in, but it’s probably something you’ll have to deal with throughout your stay. Factors such as the pace of New York City, relationships with roommates, and opportunities that may arise due to new friendships, or even the current pandemic (which has brought a drop in rental prices) will make you consider moving more than once.

The most complicated part will probably be the first apartment, which you will have to look for from your home country. In the beginning, there are usually several doubts and insecurities (even more if, as in my case, you don’t know someone you trust who currently lives in New York) because you won’t be able to be present to go and see the apartment: will it be a scam? Will I have chosen the right neighborhood? Will I be able to afford the price? What will the roommates be like?

To avoid any worries and to land with all the confidence in the world, I find it helpful in doing the following:

– To avoid any kind of scam, I recommend going to internationally recognized apartment rental companies, AirBNB for example; look for hotel stays, some work as residences, so the price will not be as high as a normal hotel; or companies that help people in this same situation, which have pre-agreements with hotels or apartments. It is always convenient to look for and review the appraisals and opinions, both the apartment and of the company you decide to go to, to have more confidence in your choice.

– If you decide to make your first stay through one of the companies mentioned above, I also recommend that it be brief, from 1 to 3 months. These stays usually have a higher price than normal rent, so it is not the cheapest option, but the time you stay there will allow you to explore the city, get to know the neighborhoods, meet new people and have more control over your economy and your expenses, which will help you find your ideal apartment.

Carlos Gómez


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