San Francisco Marathon

I ran my first marathon, and I did it in San Francisco. What better place to celebrate a similar goal? Well to be honest it is not the better place. As we all know, thanks to all the Hollywood action movies seen in childhood in which the cars fell off the ground due to the ups and downs. Yes, the ups and downs. I remember each one of them! Well, not just because of the resulting fatigue but also for the view, amazing.

I started training a few months before the race, in Los Angeles, 3 short runs a week plus a long run on sunday. Well and also running in Los Angeles is pretty enjoable, especially along the coast from Santa Monica to Manhattan beach.

Returning to the marathon, the race day I get up super early to eat something and because the starting time was 5:30! All the rest it is just you and your mind all the time, repeating casual things to yourself to mantain the focus or just wondering on the other goals of your life, at least this has been for me. So I could say that a marathon is just a matter of head more than body and this is the reason why I like it but, if I had to define what a marathon really is during the last 5 kilometers my body would not have allowed me to give the same answer. The only thing it could communicate to my brain during that last piece of the race was just a word: pain!

Christian Massi

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