Architectural Internship experience @B+A, Kansas City

Over the past few months, working as a professional at B + A architecture has made me realize Architectural practices in America. I began to ponder upon how it is different and in some way similar to architectural practices back in India. 

In India, most of the architectural construction is masonry based. Common material being brick, stone, wood etc. People often tend to carry out analysis of the project site. While in Kansas city, I observed the use of Wooden framework as the primary structure. I realized climate and availability of material place a major deciding factor in the overall outlook of a building. 

Architecture in America is very coherent. There is a positive side to it. Neighborhood looks very relevant to its surrounding in terms of color, scale and proportion of the building. I learned that coherence in India is not liking to be so literal. There, two adjacent building may have different material, color scheme, height and scale but they have a coherence of the landscape, venders and tea stalls at the footpath. It is vibrant in its own way. It is coherent in nature to its surrounding activity.

Technological advance of building construction and innovative material used on smaller scale projects is one thing I would like to take back India. We see a large use of new construction techniques in large scale projects in India but it is not common to all varieties of work. That, might increase the efficiency of the construction and time of work.

At B + A architecture, I have got the opportunity to work on a special rustic look clubhouse, Hawthorne Ridge, Lee Summit housing. The whole idea is to provide a neighborhood of people with leisure and entertainment in their vicinity. Safe place for children. Another projects that I have worked upon are Comfort suites, at Choice hotel group in Grandview, Kansas City and Midtown Crossing, by Price brothers. Midtown crossing to unique project of building a new culture of shared living for young adults. It has more than 300 units with a shared spaces of kitchen and living among a group of three-four units. These units are contemporary and modern in style, perfect for new age lifestyle. It also offers, additional studying area and leisure in common lobby area for interactive gathering. 

Well there can be hundreds of differences in terms of architectural practices between the two countries but the real essence of designing remains relatively. In both countries, one needs to find the best fit for the clients. Sensitize design in a functional. economical manner 

At B & A, we have people from various culture, tradition from countries such as Vietnam, China, India, Ecuador, etc. As intern, this gives us a great opportunity to learn about various lifestyle, festivals, religion. 

Our office is a small family of its own. They have explored us to the local places of historic importance, regional places of attraction, sports games etc. It has given us the exposure, that we were looking for. We have learned so much about our profession and the city in this six months.

Internship at B + A architecture in Kansas City, we were the most amazing six months, that we will cherish forever.

Kuhoo Patel

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