In the middle of nowhere!

When I come to United States I made a checklist to do and one of this was go camping in the middle of nowhere, I mean, live the real experience. So, when my friends asked me if I want to go camping, I said Yes immediately, and It was the best outdoor experience ever!

First of all, we rent a car for the trip, so we arrived in Delaware Water Gap at noon. The weather was not good, but this did not stop at all! The first step to do was canoeing to a camp area and it was like 5 hours of full adrenaline because in the middle of the canoeing started to rain and it was so amazing to be in the river with rain and fog.

For a moment I thought that I was in a horror movie because I could not see anything beyond 2 ft from me, all I could see was fog everywhere. Suddenly we finally found a camp area and landing the canoe was another challenge, but we did it!

Live a night in the forest was unbelievable, it began to get dark at 6:00 pm. and that is when you realize you are in the middle of nowhere. It just the nature and you start to enjoy the sounds of animals, the rain, the river, the wind. The connection you feel is inexplicable.

This is an activity that I will do again. Maybe the weather was not the best for a camping trip but for me was so perfect, I do not have any regret. To sum up, I recommend it for people who wants to disconnect from the world for a moment!

Gianina Aldazábal

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