Road trip to Big Sur

Hello everyone!

These past weeks have been very busy. One of my best friends from Spain came to visit me. It was my first visit in the city, so I was really excited about it. It was such a great opportunity fo me too to visit and explore new places here. We planned a lot of things, but the most exciting one, was a road trip from San Francisco to Big Sur.

I was very excited about driving in the US. I used to drive in Spain almost every day, but since I am here I haven’t had the opportunity to drive a car. I love the feeling of freedom that driving gives you.

We rented a car with a new app of shared cars and we started our weekend road trip in San Francisco. Our main destination was Big Sur, a really beautiful Natural Park located in central California, but we did’t have any other trip plan apart from that, just taking the car, sleeping in road motels and seeing the different towns we would find on our way. We ended stopping by Santa Cruz, Monterey and Carmel by the Sea -three pretty towns by he Pacific Ocean-. A funny thing about the last one is that Clint Eastwood was once mayor of the city.

It was an awesome weekend. We really enjoyed the views of Big Sur, even though it was raining so hard. But definitely, the driving across California roads was the best part!

Alejandro Alonso

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