What a beautiful day! :D

What a beautiful day!! 😊

I woke up and took some coffee for my morning meditation plus quick chat with my turtle lady Greg “oh, the world is falling apart!” she said before slowly pacing to other side of the garden. While reading for a bit under the lemon tree sipping nice fresh coffee I see two squirrels chasing each other like kids playing tag. I reflect on how much energy they have. They don’t drink coffee, but they seem to be way faster than me! When they are quiet and look at me while taking a picture I feel they can read my thoughts, akin to that Rick and Morty episode…


Okay, time to get ready: I’m going to Venice Beach again! I know… some friends are asking every so often about Hollywood Walk of fame, if I have seen any celebrity and all that but the truth is that when the weekend comes I only can think of the openness feel, chill air, good vibe and freedom I experience in the beach!

It takes me 30 minutes riding thru Venice Boulevard. I have seen something architecturally odd – picture attached: wooden retaining wall?! WHAAAT??! Hahah good luck with the seismic! Good luck in general. No, honestly, that house on the top is in real danger!! Alright.

The first thing I always do when I arrive to the beach is to get into the sea straight away. The water temperature is PERFECT! PER!-FECT!!! Today I did a new running record, I am so happy with it. (No, I am not a runner, so for me that time and distance is great) I love running all along the shore, then swim again, and then go training to the calisthenics park!

I am getting better at clambering the rope but I don’t dare yet to climb to the top. I mean, I could. But the problem is climbing down under control for not burning your hands. One of my goals here is to be like these two guys! 😊

Keep in touch, have fun, have a nice month!!


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