The required documentation from a J1 Visa Host Company

Once you -employer/host company- have selected the right candidate to join your firm, the Selection Committee at Architect-US will send you a few documents that need to be filled out in order to start the Visa Issuance process. The quicker we receive the documentation the better, as we can then review the information that has been filled out and then send the files to our official sponsor organization designated by the Department of State. Without the documentation, we cannot begin the process and it may cause delays on the start date. During this process, our team will be at your full disposal in case you have any questions regarding the information that needs to be entered. It is also important that you let the representative at Architect-US which you have been in contact with know how many Employees are currently under payroll in your firm beforehand. The three documents that are required from you are the following:

  • Workers Compensation Policy or Certificate of Liability Insurance

As per requirement by the State Department and the compulsory insurance coverage for employees in every State, this document need to be valid. A scanned .PDF version of this document detailing the date issued and date of expiration.

This document needs to be printed and initialized by you. ONLY pages 1-2 are initialized, filled out and signed by hand. Page 3 needs to be filled out digitally. This can be done in the link that is sent with the required documentation as it is a fillable file. Please make sure that all of the fields have been entered. If you have any questions about any of the fields you can ask our team. Note: In PART 1, if you have no other J-1 interns or trainees currently in your company before the new one arrives, make sure that you enter zero “0” in that field.

This document needs to be filled out digitally and not signed just yet

In page 1 of the document nothing needs to be entered.

Beginning with Page 2, you will need to enter the information for Section 2 and Section 3

In page 3, nothing needs to be done at this point.

In page 4, we begin with Section 4. Which is the Training Placement Plan.

(Example here.) In this example, you will realize that there are 8 pages, that means that this is an example of what needs to be entered in the document from pages 4-11. Accordingly, there are 4 Phases to the training placement plan and each phase will have its own name and date in which it starts and ends. For every phase there are two pages. At the top of every 1st page of each phase you will need to enter the supervisor’s information. Then right below it you will begin entering the “Phase Information”. Which as you can see from the example that has been provided that every field outlines the description of the intern/trainee’s role, specific goals, plans, techniques, and skills taught. You can use the example as a guide to fill these pages out.


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