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The 2 things you must know about overtime and bonuses

In the U.S., overtime is typically earned once you have completed, or exceeded the 40 hours per week. This pay is normally paid at a rate of 1.5 times the normal wage. Your Host Company is not required to pay the candidate overtime, however, you must know the difference between two types of positions:

1. “Exempt” vs “Non-exempt” positions

There are two types of available positions offered by the Host company. An “exempt” position will earn an established wage to perform the tasks of that position, while a “non-exempt” candidate will earn a wage for the actual time they work. This is determined by the position itself, not the individual. So, if you are considered an “exempt” candidate, the Host Company is not required to pay you for any overtime work, accordingly, if your position is considered to be a “non-exempt” position then you are eligible for overtime.

2. Bonuses

As part of the J1 Visa program, the Host company is not required to offer you any bonuses, however, it can be the case. There are no regulations set forth by the Department of State which prohibit any of the candidates from earning a bonus during their j1 program. This is something that will be determined between you and your Host Company.

Something that all participants must know is that under no circumstance can they work a second job. The J-1Visa are not authorized to earn a wage at any other organization during their program. If you are unclear or you have more questions regarding this topic you can always contact any of our Architect-US team members and they’ll be happy to assist you in the matter.


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