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How to get potential candidates excited about your company and the position available

It is no question that companies face challenges when it comes to hiring potential candidates to work in their firm. Great firms around the U.S. may be overlooked simply because the job description is not creating enough interest for candidates or it does not indicate the qualifications or even the opportunities that the company can offer clearly. So, it is not only applicants that have difficulty in finding the right opportunity, but also hiring managers in crafting the right job offer and creating enough noise for their own open positions. Which is completely understandable, the hiring process is complicated. There is also another issue at hand, and that is not creating a concise job ad which results in countless job applications from candidates that don’t really fit the requirements the employer is seeking in the first place. In order to make sure that promising candidates are sending in their applications, it is important that employers cover a few basic steps to avoid waste of the firm’s time and potential mishaps that may arise.

First things first, talent acquisition can be a very expensive process if not done correctly. That is why programs like Architect-US is appealing to a lot of American companies, as it presents firms with talented international candidates based on the requirements they are looking for. But, if you are a hiring manager or recruiter and you are in the process of creating a job ad, make sure that you optimize your hub where applications will come in so that the process becomes the least time consuming as possible. One valuable tool that you can use, and one which most architectural firms use is Archinect’s Application Center. It is important that you consider the use of the valuable tools out there because it will make the hiring process become more streamlined and organized.

Accordingly, you want to make sure that you curate the image of your firm, meaning that you want the applicant reading the job ad feel like they are getting an insight on what the firm’s internal work process and mission is. You can also do this by rerouting the applicant to a link of your firm’s profile. Perhaps even to social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook if you have one. You also want to make sure that you evaluate the current job market and you consider the current demand of the employee. Make your qualifications strict, and that you specify the aspects which you seek out the most. Essentially meaning that crafting a quality job ad that makes your firm stand out and will get more attention of quality talents out there as well. We know its easier said than done, but what is important to take in is that the better the job ad is, the more time you will save in the overall process.


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