Learning The Hard Way

That’s me, sitting on the floor of a project I am currently working on, I look so composed but believe me – I was flustered and didn’t know where to start.

A lot of people learn best when they encounter a kind of experience that is way out of their comfort zone. A kind of experience that shakes them up and gives them the fear of the unknown. When I got in the United States, I had to start all over again, which is hard because you are a foreigner in a land with a limited idea of their culture. I had  to adjust with so many things – their food, work ethics, weather and the list will just keep going on. I had to figure things out on my own and just learn things along the way. I had learn so many things for the past 15 months of my stay here in the United States. I am grateful for all challenges that I had to deal with because with that, I know what my limits are and I know when I needed to stop and rest, give myself time to process things that I am not familiar with. I’ve learned that if we just give ourselves the time it needs, there is always a positive output and that’s when we learn best. You will always have that fear of things not working out the way you wanted it to be but just keep in mind that things do happen for a reason and as cliché as it may sound, experience is really the best teacher.

Being in a situation you’re not familiar with comes along with frustrations, disappointments and failures. Nobody likes that and as much as we try to avoid it, we just can’t. These are all part of life and we need these kind of experiences to be the best that we can be. It is true enough that sometimes when everything is just too much we just tend to give up but if you just try to look forward to the learnings that you’ll get during and after these challenges, it’s an amazing feeling. You feel you are at your best and it’ll get you equip for whatever’s going to happen next. So enjoy, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Human beings hardly ever learn from the experience of others. They learn; when they do, which isn’t often, on their own – the hard way.” – Robert A. Heinlein

Gessa Abriol

Filipino Architect.

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