Getting into the New York vibe

The first weeks after landing are usually a bit chaotic. Depending on each one, it can be just a couple of weeks or even up to ten. That is what everybody tells you before starting this adventure and they are completely right.
There are lots of new things to figure out, paperwork to be done, learning the local working procedures, finding the right place to live, etc. All that comes together with the excitement of being in a new place and wanting to discover every single corner. There are so many things to do, see, visit and experience in this city that it seems that no matter how long are you going to stay, it will not be enough time to see it all.
In the end you need to learn how to choose what things you should give more priority to and others that you need to assume that you may not be able to make. I must recognize that I am still working on that and that it is not as easy as it seems.

If I had to resume these first weeks with a word, that will be colorful. Everything is new, intense, different and very fulfilling. The working procedures and strategies here are different from the ones we are usually used to. It is great to learn how they work and to feel so welcomed. I have just been here for some weeks and I have already learned a lot. Not only professionally but also in the day a day life. Going abroad and living in a different culture is the best thing you can do to broaden your mind and get a wider perspective.

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