Finally, My J1 visa is approved!!!!

Since a month I have been waiting to write this post but thought of writing it after my J1 visa is approved. And yes today is the day I have been waiting for. There is so much in my mind to express, so much to look forward to. I have 15 days from now to fly to USA and I couldn’t be more excited. I see my American Dream coming true. I am highly obliged to the Architect-US for making this dream come true. Thank you Sonia for always being so supportive and positive throughout.

Being an Indian, It’s difficult for us to think of ever interning in the USA (especially if you have graduated from an Indian University) but trust me people, it’s not. Just the right mindset, with a perfect vision for career and a strong motivation is what is required. Moreover, Architect-US professionals are here to guide us and make our work simpler. I have been a bag of anxiety and restlessness and I had been totally unsure whether I would make it up to it but the outcome has been great now. It happened all in the last 10 days. The process began around 2 months back and now here I am, listing down the things that should be packed and done before leaving from India. Reading a few interesting books ( CREATIVITY, INC.) that my host company has asked me to read before joining and I shall suggest everyone to read it. It’s a book full of motivation and positivity.

I am all relaxed, having a cup of coffee while observing the coming monsoon in India now. WAITING FOR MUCH AWAITED PHASE in Sarasota, Florida 🙂


Nishtha Sadana


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