The beginning of everything

I’m an architect I had a great job in my country and I have always been an enthusiastic person looking for opportunities to grow up. I always wanted to gain more experience in the architecture field in the US, a country I’m familiar with and in which I like a lot the professionalism and organization.

Even so as a professional I think that working close to someone form a different culture can improve your creativity. Without close social interactions, it can be difficult for individuals to juxtapose and synthesize different cultural perspectives to achieve cultural learning and produce creative insights. This point of view is very important for an architect.

Based on it, I began to send some Resumes and I got answered saying they really liked my profile but the problem was paperwork. So I started exploring about different kinds of visas to see how I could solve that. There is when I found Architect-us, with a really interesting program that sponsors the J1 visa, paperwork and insurance. So this was the perfect equation!.

Fortunately I got a really interesting offer from an excellent Firm. I felt very comfortable during the interview and I’ll start working next month!.

All of this was possible thanks to Architect-us program. I want to say thanks to the entire team. Patricia and Sonia were my guides during all the process; they  gave me confidence and made me felt very comfortable. You dream it and they will take you further!

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