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Hi Everyone !!

I am Sunaina, a citizen of the country India, currently living in the city Beautiful – Chandigarh. I am studying Bachelor of Architecture from the Chandigarh College of Architecture which is one of the renowned College of India.I love dancing, swimming and am a fitness freak. I was born and brought up in this city which was planned and designed by Le Cor-busier. Living in this city inspired me to pursue architecture as my career. My parents are also Architects which adds to my inspiration. Architecture for me is the perfect integration of the building in our built environment. I also feel that architecture is something that will always grow and never be stagnant. I really love to travel which adds on to my exposure. 

I have just finished with my 6th semester and I am expected to undergo six months training program. I began my training process by making my portfolio. For the love of travel, I applied in different companies in different parts of the United States Of America. Finally I will now be interning in the Kansas City, Missouri. I think this would be an exciting roller coaster of life. It will give me a complete different experience of doing everything all by myself and also an opportunity to explore different parts of the USA. Being a foodie i’m really excited to try all the cheesy American food and bring back home a fat belly!!

After receiving my offer letter, I started my visa process with Architect-US. The whole process has been very smooth and quick. The sponsors were very prompt with the replies and also helped me clear all my doubts. The total process took 4-5 weeks to complete. But it’s pretty simple and easy when you have such great support by the sponsor.

Now I am a holder of j1 visa and will be leaving soon for USA. I am looking forward to this exciting new experience full of learning, exposure and findings. 

Sunaina Prabhakar

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