IndiDesign’s 2nd Selected Projects

We started off the Featured Company Profile Series with Indidesign as our first hosted company. Now we have made it full circle and are releasing their second batch of top notch projects that they hand selected for you to enjoy!

The award-winning design studio, Indidesign, specializes in interior design and branding for luxury hospitality and high-end commercial interiors. With completed projects spanning across four continents with major hospitality corporations as well as private owners.

The studio was established with the vision of creating memories by evoking a sense of place on a journey through surprise, discovery and desire. Each project they design is defined by its unique identity and it delivers a special experience through the seamless fusion of design and operation. Indidesign is a collection of dynamic, knowledgeable and creative designers and their commitment and involvement is consistently strong through every phase of the design and construction process.

The team is formed of talented and skilled design professionals from diverse backgrounds sharing a common goal; collectively they speak more than 10 languages.

Due to the size of their practice and the open-studio interdisciplinary approach to design, all their team members must demonstrate to have versatile skills and have been trained to approach the design process in a holistic manner and to never lose focus on the next step and the ultimate goal.

Each one of their designers brings a unique skill set and a personal perspective to each project and has the experience and talent to navigate the various steps of the design and construction process and to see their collective ideas develop into tangible results.

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Beatrice Girelli

Beatrice Girelli RIBA is the principal designer and the design spirit of Indidesign. She received her Master Degree in Architecture at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, with a specialization in Historic Preservation/Restoration. Beatrice is continually challenging herself and her design work through extensive research. One of her goals is to create innovative solutions for projects of different aesthetics and characteristics while bearing in mind operational and technical requirements.

More recently, our CEO Patricia Garcia interviewed Beatrice and elaborated more about her career, as well as the founding of Indidesign in 2003. Watch the interview here.

Architect-US Participants

Aigerim Omarova

Aigerim joined Indidesign in September 2018 and worked with them as a Trainee for over 2 years. Through all of her hands on experience, Aigerim was able to move from Indidesign to then work for Rottet Studio in Los Angeles as a Junior Interior Designer. They have been working there ever since, and are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Beatrice and Tim. She studied Architecture at the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Engineering, and was very excited to get the chance to work in the USA!

Christian Massi

Christian joined Indidesign in March 2019, and worked with them up until March 2020 due to the negative impact of the pandemic on the industry. Christian is now back in Italy working as a Freelancer, and before moving to Los Angeles, he was a Designer at MDU Architecture in 2017. He has been working on improving his 3D graphic design skills to provide more value to his next work opportunity.

Marina Vidal Tejedor

In 2018, Marina graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM) and moved to Los Angeles a year later to start working with IndidesignShe was able to work with Architect-US to get the opportunity and up until March 2020 was working with them. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic she had to leave to go back home to Spain. Now she is working in Barcelona at RCR Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes as an Architect.

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Indidesign Projects

As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

Hilton Union Square Hotel

Hilton at Union Square in San Francisco is one of the largest and busiest hotels in the City by the Bay. Indidesign was responsible for the renovation of the hotel’s 1900 rooms, Premier Suites and Public Areas and for transforming its Lobby and F+B outlets.

Images by Indidesign


Indidesign successfully completed the transformation of this property, the first ‘urban’ resort for the HGV Group. The property comprises of 143 residential units, a unique indoor-outdoor lobby and F+B outlet and the first pool roof deck in Waikiki that defines this product as one of a kind in the local market.
The project Opened in 2014 and it was the recipient of a Gold Key Award in the same year and ARDA Award in 2015.

Images by Indidesign


Design of a farm-centered luxury inn immersed in the beautiful scenery of Williamson County in Franklin, TN. In addition to the Inn, this unique project will feature a destination restaurant, a state of the art Spa, cottages and luxury tents to expand the array of accommodations offered.

Images by Indidesign

Do not forget that we will be posting more work by Indidesign in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more of their incredible work!! Every Friday we will be posting a new Featured Company, so join us again next week!


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