Surfin’ USA

I can’t believe it has already been a month i’m in the USA! I both feel like it has been longer and shorter. Longer because it seems like I have already experience so many thins here. And shorter, because I’m still discovering new things everyday.

I grown to already love my small town of Ashland, OR. It’s a small but very unique community, in which art and craft thrives. The biggest perk of living in here is definitely the proximity with nature. I’m still absolutely amazed by the wildlife in Ashland, and in particular, the deers. They are everywhere! I think I almost saw one everyday since I’m here. Also the local population seem to be pretty bored of them, I don’t get tired of it at all! It’s a great environment to work in and for day to day life, especially if like me, you enjoy natural spaces.








As much as I like Ashland, it was also nice to get away for a day, and go to the coast. In little more than two hours, you can reach the pacific ocean. And what a sight! Sometimes soothing, sometimes ruthless, the water has sculpted the rock in a series of breath-taking landscapes. The water in Crescent City, CA, is definitely too cold to bath; it never reached 75°F all year around. But with proper gear, it’s a good place to surf! It was my very first time surfing, and needless to say I was terrible at it. But I had a lot of fun trying to catches waves, and even succeeded a few times. I would absolutely do that again! Also I wouldn’t mind warmer waters!









Overall I would say this first month as felt pretty busy. But I know this is only the beginning of many adventures, and I can not to see what awaits me!


Capucine Clément


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